Enhance your website with Consolety and Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ is a network which helps you attract new clients, but most of the user base are other bloggers. Since Bloglovin’ is not built with SEO in mind the value it brings to your Blog is slim.
We have launched consolety last month (april 20th of 2018) which is a WordPress Plugin that connects your posts with other users in the Consolety network!
Meaning if you are a fashion blogger and join Consolety we will extract the title of your blogposts, the tags, categories and even the language it is written in.
Our algorithm then tries to match your blog post with other blog posts. If there is a match there will be a “related content” section placed under your content with a nicely styled “title”, “short description” and a “read more” button.
We will display up to 3 (if you have 3 matches based on your blog post) under your content. Meaning you now link to another clients blog that has written something similar on the same topic (same tags / categories / title or content).

An example :

You write something about a new bag of Louis Vuitton. You already have your content / tags and category optimized for Louis Vuitton, bags, Hand Bag, etc.
We then collect your data, and try to match it with someone else who has written something either on “hand bags”, “Bags” or if both of your sites are fashion related you will exchange links based on those metrics.
But, the more similar metrics the better the algorithmic match.
Meaning that “IF” there is someone else in the network who has written something about Louis Vuitton handbags, you will more likely exchange links with this blog post than someone who has a random topic about fashion.
This is a unique approach in Link building, (exchanging links) because it has a similar set and forget concept as bloglovin’ only this time it extremely benefits your SEO and your audiences experience!
Since your audience can read the title, excerpt and see the button to click through to your blog to another similar post, there is less likely a chance to get a bounce!

What is a bounce ?

A bounce is when one user clicks on a link, but stumbled on something (your website) which didn’t met his expectation, or it was totally irrelevant. Once the user clicks back within a short period of time (matter of seconds) google records this as a bounce, the more bounces you got the less likely they will show your post on the top of the search results.

With Consolety you have a very slim chance for a bounce!

Compare this with any other form of “link building” strategy, like Guest posts or other forms of link exchange tactics.

With the regular “link exchange” methods you most likely end up on page that nobody visits, somewhere hidden on a page that nobody access unless you know the url of the page. OR you have to pay and get a better position, but you are not allowed to pay for links (say’s big brother google).

Guest posting brings a bit more value because you can structure the content and have a contextual link to your own content, but what if the user gets redirected to your post or page through the guest post. Does this contextual link display your blog posts title? or short description?

Does he understand where he is being redirected to? based on the word (mostly a keyword) that is a hyperlink? No… They don’t so you can not guarantee that the user stays on your site, and this is what counts. This is what makes the link valuable, the amount of time the user spends on your website after he clicks the link.

With Consolety you enhance your audience’s experience

With Consolety the user sees your title, short description and a “read more” click-through button. The traffic that comes from consolety will less likely bounce from your site, because the user knows exactly where he is going to!

The Traffic coming from Consolety expects to read a post with the title and short description which he clicked on from the other consolety users blog post.

Guest posting vs Consolety?

I would totally eliminate Guest Posting if I had the option for Consolety, Seriously! not just because I am the CEO, but because I know the value it brings to my site, even this website has consolety installed!
Guest Posting forces you to write content for a backlink, rather than you being creative in your writing (or other form of content creation) and do what you do best, provide your users with something to read, view, shop or any other form!
Another thing to add is the pricing of Guest Posting on other domains. Consolety is Free. Yes, that’s right…
And from my experience having an SEO Agency, some websites (especially in the Fashion industry) come up with INSANE prices for a guest post.
Some ask up to 2,000$ for a single blog post, a mention on twitter, a share on instagram, a paid trip to another country or even free products.
We are here to eliminate these ridiculous demands with Consolety.
Consolety is free, and when you join consolety you agree to have “related content” of up to 3 other blog posts under your content, vise versa you receive up to 3 backlinks from these very same sites.
I can understand that the websites who join the consolety network are not at the level of the sites that can demand those ridiculous prices for a guest post. But the more people join, the bigger our network grows, the more diverse links we get that are relevant to our blogs topics, the sooner we will outgrow those websites who do not join the consolety network.
It’s simple, if we have a network of 100,000 clients who are all Fashion Related, and each client has between 100-1000 blog posts. This means you can get up to 3x 100-1000 links that are related to your blog posts topic!!
You can never achieve this with guest posting, unless you got a spare million dollar or more to waste.
The more links you get from others in the network, the higher the authority of your website becomes. The more authority your website has, the higher value your links become that you send with consolety to the other posts. These users now also receive a link from an increased authority website, that also links back to your website. Now multiply that with x3 for each post that you have written and you can probably understand why Guest Posting is a waste of your time, money and efforts.

When the network grows and becomes as big as we explain in this theory above, you wouldn’t spend a single penny for Guest Posts, because you already get traffic from up to 3 other sites to each of your post, while sharing all the link authority within the network. Why would anyone pay for one link?

This is GREAT! but why is consolety free?

The small network is one thing, we can’t ask for a monthly payment when we only (at the time of this writing have 37 clients). Second thing is, the basics will probably always be free, google has a harsh policy against paying for links! (Guest posting should be free, but sadly it isn’t, be aware for the harsh penalty coming your way sooner or later if you charge “or pay” for guest posts).

So we are right now developing more features, that will be seen as add-ons on top of consolety that we can charge for to keep the network alive. (mostly server costs are extremely high at the moment, and as the network grows, we will need to expand these).

But don’t worry, we will be begging for donations like wikipedia did if we can’t handle all the sites and requests. ?

matter fact, we already have a donation page if you want to support us.