Consolety – The one stop SEO plugin for WordPress

Consolety – The One Stop SEO Plugin for WordPress

Consolety comes with a WordPress Plugin, which is free!
The plugin connects with an API on the Consolety network. Which you can register here:




After registering you need to verify your email address (also check SPAM folder if it hasn’t arrived in your inbox)

Once verified, you can login to the userarea of consolety here :





*Note : Users who sign up / login with Facebook can access consolety instantly without a verification process

Once logged in you can add a new website to Consolety


add a new site to consolety
add a new site to consolety

Add your site name :
Add your feed URL :
Site description : (short message about your website)
Select the language of your website to be matched with other sites in this same language





Select the network type that fits most of your website description:

Note that IF you select white hat website that we thoroughly inspect your website with Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, Copyscape and many more tools before we approve your website. If we detect any form of black hat methods performed on this website we will permanently bann your website and account from consolety. Please select the Black Hat and PBN section if your website corresponds with these SEO methods.

Any form of Autoblogging and Spun content should be listed under the section: Spun Content
Minimal Black Hat SEO (minimal linkwheel strategies, like web2.0 link building, and tiered linkbuilding) would be listed under Black Hat SEO site (minimal)
Churn & Burn should only be listed for people who want to quickly rank and tank their website, and combine forces with other people who perform these very same methods to even further increase the ranking before the google slap happens.
PBN (Private Blog Network: Should only be listed by people with a clean PBN, No spun content (Quality PBN’s)
to further increase their backlinks. Note that users under the PBN section cannot see where their links come from or track views and clicks.
Because we hide these from the network and not track any PBN sites to keep everyone safe!

White Hat SEO, only apply for this if you have a clean, organic, natural website where you want to share and receive links from other people in the same niche/industry who has a clean white hat blog/website or webshop.

Once again, I can not stress this enough, we thoroughly check your website before we approve them to detect if they are under the right section. If you have it under the wrong section on black hat network it will not be a problem, we will move your site to the right subcategory under black hat. But if you apply with a black hat website under the white hat network section we have a zero tolerance and will permanently ban your account and websites from the network before being approved.

select your categories and add the website for approval
select your categories and add the website for approval