Link Exchange – Consolety is a Link Exchange system which automatically matches you with other users in the consolety network based on your content, titles, tags, categories & language.

Using the consolety Network means that you will always acquire targetted relevant backlinks on each of your published posts. Consolety comes with a WordPress Plugin which you need to install and connect to the Consolety Network in order for it to automatically match you with others in the network pool. Each pool has it’s own section of White Hat, Black Hat and Private Blog Network websites.

WordPress Link Exchange plugin – Consolety has built this so that it not only works as a simple “link-exchange” network, we display only targeted blocks of backlinks on your website when there is a match based on your content.

This makes it feel more like a guest posting feature (since the content is relevant). In fact, Consolety displays these links under your content as “related content” with the title, short excerpt and a click-through button to the article. Making it look as if it is your own themes and related posts under your blog post.

This will increase your visibility, and you acquire a new audience that is shared with you and other fellow bloggers within the same niche.


What is the effect of exchanging links?

What is the effect of exchanging links? With search engine optimization it is almost always about exchanging links and ensuring that you get as many external links to your website as possible. You will then be higher in the search results. You will, therefore, get more visitors on your website. Is this actually true? How did link building come about and how do you start link building without doing the wrong things?

The meaning of link popularity

At the beginning of the internet around 1995-1996, the “ranking” of a website in a search engine was very different. The “ranking” of web pages as determined by the search terms of the relevant pages. With these so-called on-page factors, particular attention was paid to multiple requirements. These requirements are things like:

How often does the search term return to the website?
The keyword density (The ratio between the total number of words and the number of search terms)
Is the search term in the title of the page either in italic or bold text
Is the search term in the “keywords meta tag”?

Little search engine optimization was done in the late 1990s. That is why search engines were able to determine the relevant pages per search term on the basis of these patterns.

The downside of on-page factors is that webmasters can change them at any time so that webmasters can manipulate the search results. Special programs were now available to determine the optimal keyword density. Webmasters filled their websites with visible and invisible keywords. Search engines now had to take quick measures so that the quality of their search results remained optimal. Science was brought in to solve this problem. In science, we worked with “citation index”. This meant that the more often a reference was made to a publication, the more important this publication was.

Especially Google went further with this idea. The more links to a certain website, the higher these sites came in the search engines. The users of the internet find these sites important, very logical. Webmasters came with formulas like: “I am linked to others by others so my website exists” The solution was to also record the importance of the linking websites for the most reliable results.

The popularity of the links and other off-page factors were much less easy to manipulate by websites than the previously used on-page factors. That is why today’s search engine results are mainly made up of off-page factors.

Link exchange

A simple explanation of link exchange is that you put links to other websites on your website. In return, the websites you link to will return a link to your website. Because you acquire more links to your website in this way, the website gets higher in the search engine results.

Benefits of exchanging links

The advantages of link exchange are that it is one of the most important factors in the field of internet marketing and the improvement of positions in search engines. Link exchange is also the easiest way to improve the popularity of the website. Link exchange is an effective and cheap way to increase your popularity on the internet at no cost.


Paying for links

It is advisable never to pay for links. Nobody knows how Google handles links against payment. Google is probably against this too. The difficult part of paid links is that this is hardly audible. Paid links are also rarely better than unpaid links with relevant websites. Do not step into the tricks of websites that request payment for their services.


Relevant pages

It is also important that you link to relevant websites. If you offer the same subject to the visitors of a link partner, they are more likely to click through to your website. Of course, it also makes no sense to link to a website with a totally different subject.

Is consolety “THE” Answer to all your Link Exchange prayers?

In my honest opinion, Yes. In fact, we are using Consolety, we built it to save us time in linking our relevant content between our sites.
We have Travel Blogs, News Feed sites, Sport Magazines and many more interesting topics that we now can build and add ourselves to the consolety network!

We trust in our own code, The matching system is top notch! Meaning that the more relevant my next publication is to an already existing site that is connected on consolety, the better the match will be.

Our system works as follows, let’s say you write a post in your own blog, usually, most themes have a “related content” section if you have a blog post with a similar tag, category etc. Now that you are connected to the consolity network you will get a similar block under your post, but with a “related content” section under your post to other consolety users blog post.

That means that there is a match, meaning your post is now displayed under his content as well as “related content”.
(and if there is no match at all, well, that’s simple, there is no related content). Same as in WordPress, if you have 1 post in a new category, with new tags, WordPress will not display a related blog post section on your blog either, Nor does consolety. You simply have to wait till the network grows, and someone else publishes a post on the same topic as you did, with similar tags, categories, titles and of course, language!

Note, you don’t have to “wait” till the network grows either. Simply help us by talking it to fellow webmasters, sharing us on social media, or donate so that we can increase our promotional budget to further expand the network!


So what are you waiting for?

Install the Consolety plugin now, available and approved by the WordPress team!