Autoblogging is not dead!

I have been auto-blogging safely with Adsense advertisements for almost 3 years now. It is a nice way for a “small” passive income.
The rewards aren’t huge, Adwords (in my country) pays out once you reach a minimum of 75 euro and I get a paycheck every 2 , sometimes 3 months. Which is decent, considering my server costs are just 5$ per month + 10 $ per year for the domain.

In order to be using it with Adsense you should have some precautions, misconfiguration could mean getting your site de-indexed and maybe even your adsense banned? (which never happened to me, but read many threads online of people who had this happen to them).
But mostly due to click-frauds… Don’t try that!

So, now that we have build Consolety, Why am i so certain that it will boost my income?!

Well, that’s simple. When I set up my autoblog, the first thing I configure is for it to post as many posts as possible in the beginning (just for a day or 2, because I know that google sometimes takes it’s time to index all posts) Even when you force it to crawl and index your sitemap, or individual pages + sub-pages. It still can take some time to get all posts indexed, especially if you generate around 40-50 posts per day on autopilot.


Now that Consolety is released, I can use it on all my auto-blog websites and interlink posts that are relevant with each other automatically

Meaning that one blog that already has thousands of posts indexed, will now link to my brand new auto-blog (to further increase my profits) and since that is a signal to the google spider crawling my indexed blog because there is a change, it will notice that the change is a “related content” section that links to my newly created auto-blog!

Getting indexed faster means that you can earning process kicks in sooner.

Not only does Consolety increase your crawl rate it also increases your page rank!

Having (up to) 3 backlinks per post, means that you will be increasing your page rank as well.



I will do full live Case study, Weekly Reporting (with Video) starting from monday 30th April 2018

This weekend I am going to setup 3 Auto-blogs (clean urls) none expired, all with N/A DA/PA on moz. To showcase the full potential of consolety. I will add them under the “spun content” section as you all should be doing for auto blog websites. I will make a full report of what happens with the pagerank of these sites once the auto-blog will generate from 3 “similar” sources their content and publish them. And then let Consolety match which posts should be displayed as “related content” under each of my posts.

If my calculations are right and I would Auto-blog 50 posts per day. On all 3 sites that would mean a total of (max) 50 backlinks per day would be shared among the 3 blogs. A total of 150 backlinks per day.

150 backlinks per day * 30 days = 4500 backlinks total per month / 3 = 1500 backlinks per website.
That should get my website to a (DA/PA) of around 17-20.

Depending on the index rate I will lower the posts per day to around 20-25 per day for the upcoming 2 to 3 months.

Why we build consolety in the first place?

The reason is, because we want to use it ourselves! (ha, who can say that who is building an SEO tool these days? would GSA use their system for their own sites? would RankerX user it on their own site? I guess not!) And since we will be using it to generate a decent passive income there will be more and more features added that will boost our websites visibility, index rate, and overall ranking of each post.

The white hat SEO section we will only use with serious projects, projects where we hire content writers to blog for us. And perform White Hat SEO techniques only, like social media engagement, PR etc… No PBN’s, Web2.0’s whatsoever.

Since this case study will be done on the Black Hat (spun content) section, we are more freely to experiment with Feeds to Post plugins and spin plugins (one of my favorite is There is a free trial for you to test it out. In my opinion it is 100x superior to WordAI. (what a SLOW disappointing spinner that is, and so OVERPRICED!!!!) maybe that’s why so many affiliates promote it, the price is so steep, they get a bigger reward promoting this rather than spinrewriter.


Oke and now comes the “complexity”, I have it configured in such a weird manner… so brace yourself for my autoblog configuration.

Spinrewriter is cheap, and much faster in spinning your content! than WordAI, (tried both, WordAI is just garbage!) So grab that one instead. then:

I use the plugin WordPress Auto Spinner Article Rewriter :

wordpress auto spinner article rewriter
wordpress auto spinner article rewriter


Combined with : Scrapes

scrapes- automatic web content crawler and auto post plugin for wordpress
scrapes- automatic web content crawler and auto post plugin for wordpress


Scrapes I configure to basically take all the posts, tags, categories from the site and recreate these in the exact same manner in my wordpress installation. (so that their tags, become my tags, their categories become my categories)
even the structure of sub-categories is easily configurable inside scrapes… So that is why i love Scrapes, there is nothing better out there!

Unique html selector to grab only the things you need. You can try out their demo simply, you will need to send them your email and they will send you a custom wordpress installation with scrapes in there to try ot the full demo on that setup. (recommended!! before you purchase, try their demo, im sure you will be convinced after you’ve tried it to purchase it!)

WordPress Article Spinner plugin is setup to use the spinrewriter API. Simple to set up and works like a charm!

  1. I set up Scrapes to automatically “scrape” auto blog 50 posts per day from their homepage. And save those posts as draft.
  2. I set up Article Spinner plugin to take any post from draft -> spin it and save it as “pending review”.
  3. I than have a third plugin (free on wordpress) that will auto-schedule “pending review” posts to be “published” every x minutes.
  4. Once published I have a fourth plugin (free on that will translate any published post automatically into 5-8 languages.


And last thing is :

Installing the Consolety plugin, The Consolety plugin will match your blog post with other blog posts in the consolety network.
Since i will be setting my autoblog network up in such a way that the posts will be similar (in the same niche) the more likely i will have a related content section under each of my blogs, linking to each other, based on the content.

Generate a passive income

The final thing would involve me, recording videos, writing posts and updating you guys on how it goes.
I will cover ranking reports, keyword position reports, how fast my new posts are getting indexed and much more.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy my case study, and hopefully my rankings will convince you guys that we are the next big thing in the SEO industry. No more wasting time on Web2.0’s, spamming blog comments, building PBN’s or asking for a guest post (which in this case is somewhat similar, your link is there under a post, that is relevant) so why go through all that trouble, just install the consolety plugin and do what you enjoy the most, write content, or publish images or videos!