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How it Works

Consolety – How it Works

How does consolety work? Consolety is a network in which you can increase your backlink profile in such a unique way.
Most link building and link partner exchange groups are old fashioned. Finding a good website to exchange links, finding a contact page to email the owner of the site, waiting for a reply, setting up a deal, content / link. The hassle you need to go through before you actually receive a link is probably not even worth the link juice.

Consolety in a few words :

Consolety Drawing board
Consolety Drawing board

When you add your website to consolety we will gather all informaton from your website, every post title, tags, category, description and even the language of your content.

In the back-end of consolety you will setup a fallback category (the main niche of your website). And the network that best fits your website seo methods “White hat, Black Hat ( has sub categories : minimal linkwheel strategies/auto-blogging/churn & burn) And Private Blog Network“.

The data of every single publication done on your site will be matched with other users within the same network.
If there is a match between your post and from one in the consolety network you will automatically send and receive a backlink.

There will be a “related content” section visible under each of your posts when there is a match.
This section will be displayed below your content as the image below :

Consolety Backlinks Block


This block was our first successful test on a vacation rentals website, where it picked up automatically from another website in the network pool which was in the villa rental space.

Both blog posts were about Turks & Caicos and had to do with Vacation, Rentals & Resorts.

Consolety vs Guest posting ?

Now that we understand the basics of how consolety works, What if we told you that Consolety has the same results as guest posting? But without any effort!

Usually guest posting has been outsourced to third parties who do the research, or if you can do the research you would also need to do the blogging. Not everyone is talented to write a 1000-2000 word well written blog post.

Even if you are a talented blogger, you would need to become a market samurai shooting targeted emails to other webmasters asking for a guest post, and we stumble again on the hassle of my first point which is a terrible hassle to go through.

But why would you need to write a guest post? Why would you need to ask someone for a link?
Why not just write well written blog posts with optimized tags / categories that fits your blog post and just join the consolety network.

If there is a match with anyone in the network who has written something in the same space, you will automatically become link partners on that very same post. So instead of writing and asking for a guest post, why not just save yourself some time, and join the network, and be automatically “sort of” guest posting on auto-pilot.

If there is a match, we will automatically place your content under each of your posts. If not, you can just keep on doing what your doing and wait till the network grows, or write a more broad topic to get a match within the network.



We, at consolety, have a zero tolerance policy, if we detect any forms of manipulation we instantly blacklist your websites and bann your account. It is easy to be approved in the Black Hat Section of the network, but White Hat and PBN submissions will be thoroughly inspected!

If we detect a White hat Submission with a black hat backlink profile, copy / paste content or even a small link-wheel strategy we will ban your account without prior notice.
We truly appreciate your honesty for submitting your sites in the right section and we do not accept to work with anyone who is dishonest and tries to harm our PBN and white hat network. We take our existing customers businesses very, verry, VERY SERIOUSLY!


Hence our zero tolerance policy, be careful which site you submit in what section.