Consolety will undergo a big update in the future, we tend to create a buzz platform, not only to get instantly good quality backlinks on each of your posts. But to also receive quality social signals, all managed by the consolety network.

How do we plan to achieve a Social Buzz?

It’s fairly simple, to grow substantially the social buzz network, and to receive the benefits of a social buzz on your platform we ask our users to perform a certain setup on their own social platform before they can participate.

We are excited to already publish about these features but do note that this system is currently under development.

The Social Buzz system of Consolety will work in the following matter.

Social Buzz
Social Buzz


Users who want to participate need to create a seperated Facebook page to enter the Social Buzz network, This will stimulate the growth of the network and for each site/user there will be a new page / account created.

Each time a user publishes a posts in a certain category, Consolety will automatically fetch your post and distribute this to all Social platforms added into the consolety network.

In time this would mean that the more users participate on consolety, and let us manage their page / social account, the more instant social signals you will receive instantly on new publications done on your website.