We are almost ready to launch Consolety!

The time has almost come to go public with consolety! It has been a hectic road and we still got loads of testing and debugging to do.
But why not do this together, with you, while we all enjoy the big network benefits of consolety!

Consolety has been on my mind for such a long period now, and after being an online marketer for so many years I wanted to build a system where everyone benefits, you, me, my clients, everyone! And most important of all, FOR FREE!

Yeah, you read that correctly, FOR FREE! it’s time to crush down those Backlink prices all the way down to mear pennies! Because Consolety is going live soon!

The Idea of Consolety

The idea of consolety was simple, We wanted to build an SEO application that boosts Authority by getting backlinks from clean sites in a shared network, yet looks like a “sort of” Google AdWords text-based advertisements. (That is actually relevant to the post your audience is reading, not like how mister big G tracks your entire online identity to show you relevant advertisements)

So after some brainstorming and drawing on the board we came up with Consolety!

Consolety Drawing board
Consolety Drawing board